Physicians’ Codex – DGIM (EFIM)

Κατηγορίες: Επιστημονική Ενημέρωση, Νέα-Ανακοινώσεις

Dear EFIM Presidents, Executive Committee Members, Young Internists and EFIM Members

Thank you all for your participation at the 1st Virtual EFIM General Assembly held on Friday, 25 September. We would like to thank you all on the active participation and the approval of EFIM planned projects and updated Statutes and Bylaws. We would like to congratulate the German Society on the publication of the Physicians’ Codex that was fully endorsed by the EFIM National Societies. 

You can find the publication on EFIM homepage for circulation to your network: Physicians’ Codex – DGIM | European Federation of Internal Medicine

Presentations from the General Assembly will be available for a download via the EFIM website on:

As communicated, the Power of Attorney form will be sent personally to each ordinary member in the course of this week for the official adoption of EFIM Statutes and the Public Notary office in Brussels. Please make sure you sign and send the document promptly to EFIM Secretariat. 

EFIM is already working intensively on the next annual congress in virtual environment taking place in March 18 – 20,  2021. In the meantime a number of webinars are being planned by the EFIM Working Groups and EFIM Executive Committee in the coming months. Virtual events have proven as a strong connection to continue to engage with each other. We are satisfied that virtually we can reach even more colleagues quicker involving everyone in the internal medicine community network.  We thank you all for your attendance, and positive contributions throughout the meeting. If you have any additional comments, please do not hesitate to write to  to share your thoughts. We are looking forward to seeing and networking with you during EFIM’s 1st Virtual Congress from 18 – 20 March 2020.

Best Regards,


Aneta Trajkovska
EFIM Executive Manager